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"I must single out...Abbi Hawk's mysterious, multifaceted Sophy.  Her short, ecstatic dance is a moment of theatrical rapture."


"Abbi Hawk is vivacious and quick-witted in the tour-de-force role of Violante."
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"A rare mixture of eloquence and raw emotion."​
"Emilia is played by the ever-enchanting Abbi Hawk, whose style, grace and dark beauty enliven what would otherwise be just another “young lover” role."


"Abbi Hawk’s performance as Sulpitia, the owner of the[s] that great actors can make mountains out of molehills." 

"Abbi Hawk as Imogen breathes pluck and appeal into her character...Hawk’s fresh, vibrant reading of the irresistibly good Imogen sends a high-voltage current straight through the production and a warm pulse into the hearts of the audience."

"The ladies add the real comic punch to The Country Wife. [In Tracie Thomason, Allison Glenzer, Abbi Hawk, and Sarah Fallon,] you have a quartet of some of the funniest ladies to ever grace the Blackfriars stage."

"Abbi Hawk...turns Salisbury into the play’s moral core with her rich performance. Her grieving over the body of Arthur could easily be glanced over as just another of Shakespeare’s “o woe” eulogies; but Hawk sheds real tears and makes this moment the heart of the play."

- Eric Minton,

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